Your software delivery process is unique

A myriad of point-tools are involved in every organization’s software production: from development tools, test tools, infrastructure and virtualization tools, ops monitoring, and so on. The challenge is to manage all of the different tools and silos of automation as part of a coordinated process, with no manual handoffs or bottlenecks.

Electric Cloud provides centralized management and visibility of your entire software delivery pipeline – whatever these might be – to improve developer productivity, streamline operations and increase efficiency.

ElectricFlow is a DevOps automation and Continuous Delivery platform available for free. It orchestrates the entire delivery pipeline from code check-in through deployment, enabling you to integrate and automate a disparate set of CI and DevOps tools to accelerate all aspects of the software lifecycle.

We play well with others!

ElectricFlow allows you to plug in the tools you already use as part of your software delivery process, to add a layer of automation and governance to your tool chain. We work with the most popular tools and infrastructures, and you can add any number of plugins - and even develop your own - to extend the functionality of ElectricFlow or connect to other tools.

What can a plugin do?

You can use a plugin to:

  • Get started faster: simply plug-in, configure, and you're done
  • Use pre-developed, tested and proven integrations for the the most common tools
  • Streamline your workflows with templetized, tested, patterns for the most popular processes
  • Extend or change the ElectricFlow UI to suit the needs of your internal users
  • Plugins can be used to encapsulate your logic and version it, for easy reuse and sharing across environments.

A complete list of plugins is available here. Each plugin is verified, and includes a Jar file and a Help file. in addition, some of our plugins are open sourced, so that you can fork/extend their functionality, and even give back to the community!

Easy to develop!

Just need to satisfy these requirements:

  • An Internet Connection
  • Git command line client
  • Java 7+

Interested in learning more?

Check out our documentation