Building and deploying the plugin

We use a gradle plugin to compile, test and install our plugins.

To clean prior build artifacts

gradlew clean

To compile the plugin


Install the plugin

Note: ectool is needed to for this functionality. Find more information on how to install ectool here.

Set the COMMANDER_HOME environment variable.

These commands set the COMMANDER_HOME environment variable for the current terminal session and sets it to the default ElectricFlow install directory.


set COMMANDER_HOME=C:\Program Files\Electric Cloud\ElectricCommander


export COMMANDER_HOME=/opt/electriccloud/electriccommander

CAUTION: This will install the plugin to the specified ElectricFlow server. It is highly recommended to use a development ElectricFlow server during plugin development.

gradlew -PcommanderServer=[serverAddress] \
    -PcommanderUser=[userName] -PcommanderPassword=[password] deploy